What is The Natural Life?

The Natural Life is the place where you learn how to get back to nature, the way we were intended to be.

I’ll teach you how to grow your own food in a garden, how to source local fresh food right from the source, how to grow herbs and vegetables inside your apartment or house, how to build fences and grow animals like goats, chickens, cows, and dogs. We’ll talk about growing fruit trees and sourcing wild edible plants, building your own soil and compost for your garden, life on the homestead, how to make it without a grocery store trip every other day, and much much more!

I believe life is much better when you get closer to the source. It’s important for everyone to learn where food comes from and how it’s grown. I’ll teach you how to be more self sufficient. Whether you’re living on a 2000 acre ranch, a 2000 square foot house, or a 200 story apartment. We can all get a little closer to The Natural Life.

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