What is The Natural Life?

The Natural Life is a glimpse into the life of a small farmer. We are a family on a small homestead in rural America in the process of building a sustainable life and business out here.

We have been raising animals and honeybees for over seven years now and love sharing what we know with you!

I usually post once per week, sometimes I’ll send out a second email with a sponsored homesteading related product.

Some of the articles are free and some are for paid subscribers only. All paid subscribers get a secret code for free shipping on anything in the Farmer’s Market. (Paid subscribers are called Farm Chad’s)

Paid subscribers get access to all of my previous posts and guides and access to a private discord and private substack group chats.

I’ll teach you everything I know, here are a just a few great topics we’ve covered:

I’ll also share day to day life on the homestead including how we generate income with a small farm business.

You can taste some of our honey and try some of our handcrafted products from our Farmer’s Market.

I believe life is much better when you get closer to the source and I’m passionate about helping others live this way because it’s important for everyone to learn where food comes from and how it’s grown.

I’ll teach you how to be more self sufficient. Whether you’re living on a 2000 acre ranch, a 2000 square foot house, or a 200 story apartment. We can all get a little closer to The Natural Life.

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Bowtied Farmer

I'm Bowtied Farmer. A father of 3, and husband to an animal whisperer. We live on a homestead with an apiary, dairy goats, chickens, cows, and so much more. Teaching you how to become Self Sufficient. Join us as we live The Natural Life.